The LBWP takes many steps to protect the watershed and encourage the community to follow in its steps

Monitoring (Chemical, macroinvertebrate, visual)(currently assembling new teams)

All year round (when weather is appropriate) there will be testing for the health of the water in the Lawrence Brook & tributary streams. Additional volunteers are needed. Training will be provided.  If you are interested please contact the LBWP by phone or email




Nature walks

LBWP hosts multiple nature walks throughout the year.  These nature walks are generally through an environmentally interesting area in the Lawrence Brook watershed or adjacent areas.  They consist of around 3 hours and are guided by individuals who are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the topics being discussed.  if you are interesting in attending one please check out our events calendar.  And if you perhaps have an interest in leading one please contact us by email or phone.



Environmental Cleanups

Throughout the year, the lbwp participates in and organizes multiple cleanups.  These cleanups consist of trash cleaning in public areas such as parks and bridges.  the primary purpose of these cleanups is to protect the waterways.  the farrington and milltown cleanup are the partnerships biggest cleanup events, however there are smaller ones to participate in as well.  if you are interested in participating in one please check our events calendar or if you have a suggestion of an area that you feel needs an organized cleanup please contact us by email or phone.


Annual LBWP bike tour

LBWP's annual bike tour is a 26 mile (plus additional side excursions for those of more experience)  tour that starts in milltown and travels south toward painsboro preserve and then back.  This tour gives individuals the opportunity to see specific parts of the watershed and observe other various parts of the local environment.  The event is generally during the month of september (in the morning) and requires registration.  Please see our event calendar for more information.


YMCA Summercamp

the lbwp works with east brunswick's raritan valley ymca to educate first to fifth graders about environmental matters.